Mission Statement

Rutgers University-Newark is a Top 25 research university and the only institution in the United States to offer both Master of Science and Doctoral degrees in Global Affairs. The main goal of the Division of Global Affairs (DGA) is to provide intellectual and practical training in eight Areas of Inquiry:

  • Ethics, Security, and Global Affairs
  • Global Governance 
  • Human Security 
  • Global Political Economy 
  • International Law
  • History of International Business 
  • Global Development
  • Human Rights and Mass Atrocities

The program offers its ethnically and internationally diverse student population an interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective on global issues. Cutting across academic fields, the Division of Global Affairs brings together faculty from Arts and Sciences (political science, history, sociology, economics, anthropology and others), the School of Law (international law, international organizations, human rights law, comparative jurisprudence), the Business School (global political economy, international business and others), the School of Criminal Justice, the School of Nursing (in particular global health) and the School of Public Affairs and Administration. The program draws on the expertise of both academics and practitioners with a curriculum built around the seven Areas of Inquiry. Students are able to specialize their inquiries by grouping electives which lead to Certificates in one Area of Inquiry or they can spread their electives out to continue their interdisciplinary approach to learning. 

The Master’s degree, with a more practical emphasis, prepares students to work in the public and private international sectors, as well as in non-governmental organizations, think-tanks, foundations, and media companies focusing on global issues.

The Ph.D., more academically oriented, is geared towards preparing future scholars eager to adopt and cultivate a planetary perspective on global issues from an interdisciplinary and multicultural standpoint. The Ph.D. in Global Affairs can also be an excellent track for policy jobs at the global level requiring advanced expertise.

The Division of Global Affairs also offers dual degrees with the Rutgers Business School, the Rutgers School of Law and the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. Students from the Division of Global Affairs can also benefit from the institutional partnerships that Rutgers University has established with universities around world.

The development and acquisition of foreign language skills is an integral part of the programs offered by the Rutgers' Division of Global Affairs. Students are encouraged as well to undertake internships in relevant organizations to foster their ability to apply academic knowledge to practical endeavors and acquire professional experience.

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