Division of Global Affairs Moves to Historic Conklin Hall

In August 2012 the Division of Global Affairs offices were moved to the second floor of the historic Conklin Hall, site of the 1969 protests that forever changed the face of Rutgers-Newark. Prior to 1969, 95% of the Rutgers-Newark student body was comprised of white students, with the city of Newark being primarily an African American community. The Black Organization of Students took over the building in February of that year demanding equality, and came out victorious in the end. What was once a homogeneous campus is now the most diverse in the country. The Conklin Hall takeover is significant to the Division of Global Affairs, a program that prides itself on its diversity--with a student body which represents 47 countries around the globe--and its commitment to producing thought and policy leaders at the forefront of social justice in global and international affairs. For more information on Conklin Hall, please click here.

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