Defended Dissertations

Global Affairs doctoral graduates have defended on an array of global issues. Below is a list of successfully defended dissertation titles from previous graduates. [mwm-aal-display]


"An Assessment of the Conflict Management Attitudes of Police Peacekeepers: MINUSTAH as a Case Study" by Dr. Derin Akdeniz

"Islamophobia from the Inside: How Turkish immigrants Responded To the Securitization of Integration in Germany and the Netherlands" by Dr. Esref Erturk

The Required Elements of an Effective Operational Risk Framework to Meet the Global Regulatory Requirements of Basel II" by Dr. Philippa Xanthe Girling

"The Institutionalization of Food Sovereignty The Case of Nicaragua" by Dr. Wendy Godek

“Latin American Palestinians: Migration, Settlement and the Creation of a Palestinian Diaspora in Honduras” by Dr. John Handal

“The Northwest Passage: Challenges of a Changing Arctic” by Dr. Helyett Harris

“The Life and Works of Raphael Lemkin: A Political History of Genocide in Theory and Law” by Dr. Douglas Irvin-Erickson

Impact of Migrant Remittances on Fertility and Education in the Source Community: Empirical Evidence from India" by Dr. Tanu Kohli

Examining the Antecedents of Organizational Commitment in the Context of UN and EU Police Contingents in Conflict and Terror Area"by Dr. Onur Murat Koprulu

Terrorized Into Compliance: Why Countries Submit to Financial Counter-Terrorism" by Dr. Karolina Lula

"Islamic Revival in the Middle East: The Case of the Qubaisyate movement in Syria" by Dr. Sana Mahmandar

"Understanding the Factors that Shape Low-Income Immigrant Student Experience: A Case Study of an Urban Preschool" by Dr. Joanna Maulbeck

The Disarray in the Regulatory Approval Process for Introducing New Medicines to Patients Around the World" by Dr. Sama Issa Mazahreh

Religious Environmental Groups and Global Climate Change Politics in the United States and the United Kingdom What Motivates Activism" by Dr. Justyna Nicinska

“The Impact of Globalization and Social Movement on Terrorism (1960-2006): Finding a Common Thread in Collective Action” by Dr. Ashlie T. Perry

Human Trafficking A Comparative Analysis of Why Countries with Similar Characteristics have Different Situations" by Dr. Ana R. Sverdlick


"Airpower and the Hawk/Dove Dynamic in American Politics: Post-Vietnam to Post-9/11" by Dr. Thomas Arndt

"An Assessment of whether Global Satellite Technologies have Contributed to Global Security: The Use of Vehicle Tracking Systems by the Turkish National Police in the Fight against International Organized Crime as a Case Study" by Dr. Hakan Aydogan

"An Analysis of Human Rights Violations of the Turkish Security Forces during the European Union Harmonization Process of Turkey by Dr. Hudaverdi Balci

"Three Essays on Globalization and Innovation" by Dr. Daewoong Choo

"The Role of Soft-line Governmental Policy Interventions Towards Terrorist Organizations during Democratization Period: A Comparative Case Study between the PKK and ETA"by Dr. Irfan Ciftci "From the Khmer Rouge to Hambali Cham Identities in a Global Age"  by Dr. Kok-Thay Eng

"Youth Movements, Autonomy and the Oppositional Identity in Global Women's Activism: Investigating the Dynamics of Age and Power in Transnational Feminist Networks" by Dr. Theresa Hunt

"The Impact of the EU Securitization Process on the Border Security Framework of Turkey by Dr. Ahmet Kaya

"Secret Diplomacy: The Practice of Back Channel Diplomacy by Liberal Democratic States" by Dr. Nick Parfait Momengoh

"A Law Enforcement Perspective to Intelligence Failure in Mass Casualty Terrorist Attacks by Global Jihadist Movements A Comparative Study of Terrorist Attacks by Dr. Ozcan Ozkan

"The Quest for Root Causes of Human Trafficking: A Study on the Experience of Marginalized Groups, with a Focus on the Republic of Serbia" by Dr. Sasa Pucki

"Managing Conflict in Troubled Waters The Case of the South China Sea" by Dr. Nalanda Roy

"The Differential Recovery of States from Major Violent and Nonviolent Opposition Campaigns by Dr. Judith Stoddard


"Rethinking the Relationship of States and Financial Markets after the 2008 Global Credit Crisis"by Dr. James Amemasor

"Political Instability in Petrostates: The Myth or Reality of Oil Revenue as Petrostate Stabilizer" by Dr. Anita Demkiv

"The Transformation of Taiwan Into a Structural Competition-State Facing China’s Integration Into the Global Community" by Dr. Yi-Chun Lin

"Lost in Translation: Non-Linear Literary, Cultural, Temporal, Political, and Cosmological Transformations - The Anglo-Japanese Productions of Minakata Kumagusu" by Dr. Fredrick Alan Little

"The Influence of Geography and Clustering of Foreign Subsidiaries on the Economics Sustainability and Competitiveness' of the Regions in Poland - FDI Location Patterns as a Regional Economics Development Vehicle" by Dr. Arkadiusz Mironko

"Shades of Life and Death: Biopolitics and Liminality of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Armed Conflict" by Dr. Makiko Oku

"Authoritarian Liberalism in Transition Countries:  Market and Planning Rationales" by Dr. Assel Rustemova


"Globalization and Immigration in an Irish Community:  Understanding the Impact of Social Transformation at the Local Level" by Dr. Fran Biroc

"Reconciliation in Former Yugoslovia: Underlying Motivations and Reasons for Resistance" by Dr. Nicole Bryan

“The Basel Capital Adequacy Accords and the Governance of Global Finance” by Dr. Daniel Herman

"Emerging Military Technologies in the 21st Century: Assessing the Need for Governance" by Dr. Richard O'Meara

"What are the Lessons that Can be Learned from Turkey's Transnational Operational Police Cooperation Experiences?" by Dr. Huseyin Ors

"Rethinking Pan-Africanism in the AU (African Union)-Led Regional Integration of Africa: Identity Politics in the Diaspora Involvement, Afro-Arab Relations and Indian Ocean Islands" by Dr. Setsuko Tamura

"Preventing Ethnic Violence with Local Capacities: Lessons from Civil Society in India" by Dr. Srinivas Vaitla


“Globalization and Justification of War in International Media Discourse: A Comparative Study of Media Discourses between the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars” by Dr. Ayhan Akbulut

"The Effectiveness of the Witness Security Program in the Fight Against Organized Crime and Terrorism: A Case Study of The United States and Turkey" by Dr. Hakan Cetin

"The International Criminal Court in Central and Eastern Africa: Between the Possible and the Desirable" by Dr. Pablo Castillo Diaz

"Emerging Norms in Economic Governance: An Examination of Authority Structures and the Growing Importance of New Forms of Governance in Liberalized India" by Dr. Sophia Johnson

"Private v Public Authority in NAFTA: The Procyclicality of Investor Protections and Global Governance Issues" by Dr. John Rosero

"Hybrid Governance And Network Management In The Globalizing Metropolis: A Comparative Case Study Examining The Impact Of Law On The Business Improvement District Model In Cape Town And Newark" by Dr. Fayth Ruffin

"The United Nations and Middle East Refugees The Differing Treatment Of Palestinians and Jews" by Dr. Stanley Urman


"Global trade, 9 11 attacks, and customs organizations in comparative perspectives"by Dr. Chieh Ju Chang

"A Rationale for the "Trusted Shipper": How Programs Such as C-TPAT and SAFE May Be the Elements of a New Defense Paradigm"by Dr. Jack Jarmon

"Measuring Acceptance of Immigrant Groups in the U.S.: The Importance of the Semantic Differential Scale in Conjunction with the Social Distance Scale"  by Dr. Jennifer Koleser

"Triumphant Underdogs: The Have-Nots Ahead in the First Decade of the WTO Dispute Settlement System"by Dr. Mary Helen Nuxoll Kopczynski

"Container Ports in Developing Countries: Barriers to Participation in the Global Economy"by Dr. William Laventhal

"Exploring the Relation between Gender Politics and Representative Government in the Maghreb: Analytical and Empirical Observations"by Dr. Amel Mili

"The Impact of Migrant Remittances on Economic and Social Welfare in Municipalities of El Salvador"by Dr. Mary Kate Romano

"Technogeopolitics of Militarization and Security in Cyberspace"by Dr. Panayotis A. Yannakogeorgos


"Low Level of Commitment Phobia: An Empirical Study of the UN Global Compact's CSR Movement"by Dr. Jorge Arevalo

"Toward a Rights-Based Post-National Union: EU Integration and Schengen Extension Discourse 2003-2006" by Dr. Katalin Dancsi

"The Impact of Economic Globalization of Work and Family Values in India"by Dr. Grishma Shah


"The Appellate Body's Interpretation of the WTO Trade Remedy Agreements: Exploring the Relationship Between Judicial Activism and Power Asymmetries"by Dr. Delroy Samuel Beckford

"Transnational Activism in World Politics and Effectiveness of Loosely Organized Principled Global Networks: The Role of the NGO Coalition for an ICC in the Establishment of the International Criminal Court" by Dr. Cenap Cakmak

"What Life After Default?: Sovereign Debt Restructuring and Credit Access in Argentina"by Dr. Gisele Datz

"Sustainable Development: A History"by Dr. Anne E. Egelston

"The International Criminal Court and the Balkan Crisis: The Capture and Indictment of Slobodan Milosevic" by Dr. Muriel E. Kroplinski

"Kautilyan Antecedents of the Westphalian Order"by Dr. Sunny Jiten Singh

"The Civilian-Military Divide: Obstacles to the Integration of Intelligence in the United States"by Dr. Louise Stanton


"Soft Power and the Rise of China: An Assessment of China's Soft Power in its Modernization Process"by Dr. Sheng Ding

"International Ethnic Networks and Intra-Ethnic Conflict: Ethnic Trust and its Demise Among Koreans in China"by Dr. Hyejin Kim


"Regional Integration and the Challenge of Economic Development: The Case of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa)"by Dr. Roselyn Kwamboka Akombe

"Politics Still Matters: Globalization and the Continued Importance of the Nation-State in the Revival of Regional Minorities"by Dr. Kevin Dooley

"Globalization and the Foreign Ministry: A Comparative Study of the U.S., Canadian, and Slovenian Models"by Dr. Candance Halo

"Regional Trade Agreements and Shifts in Hegemony"by Dr. Brian Macfie

"Unweaving the Web of Identity: Assessing the Internet's Impact on Identity Among National Minorities"by Dr. Robert Saunders

"Kashmir: Islam and Terror"by Dr. Amritha Venkatraman


"Ethnic Conflict and Post-Conflict Development: Peacebuilding in Ethnically Divided Societies"by Dr. Bojana Blagojevic

"Beneath the Blanket of Progress: The Nexus Between Global and Genocidal Processes"by Dr. Jimmy Pagan

"Risky Business: Political Risk, Stability, and Veto Players in Eastern Europe and Latin America in the 1990s"by Dr. Georgi Tsekov


"Transition or Survival?: An Analysis of Cuba's Post-Soviet Economic Reforms"by  Dr. Mario A. Gonzalez-Corzo

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