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Graduate Research: Terrorism, Targeted Violence, and Mass Casualty Attacks

Global Affairs M.S. student Kathryn Duffy  developed her research interest in violent extremism through an independent study project facilitated by Professor John Cohen (Rutgers School of Criminal Justice). Her paper, entitled: “Today’s Lone Wolves: A Shift in Perspective” analyzes patterns evidenced in ideologically and non-ideologically [...]

International Law, the Responsibility to Protect and International Crises

Cambridge University Press has released the new publication Theorising the Responsibility to Protect. Edited by Ramesh Thakur and William Maley the book is a collection of essays written by leading theorists and policy makers in the area of conflict and the responsibility to protect. Among the collections contributors is Professor of Law and [...]

Possible Future Worlds: Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future

Future Worlds: The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has published a collection of essays produced by 2014-2015 Global Ethics Fellows for the Future.  The collection is entitled Possible Future Worlds: Essays by Carnegie Council's Ethics Fellows for the Future 2015 and is divided into four thematic sections: Determining Values; [...]

Emotions and Passions in International Relations: Germany and Japan the Making of World War II

Professor of Law and Global Affairs and the director of the Division of Global Affairs Dr. Jean-Marc Coicaud  has published his third and final article for a series on the subject of emotions and passions in international relations in Cambridge University Press's Japanese Journal of Political Science. Entitled “A Brief Case Study of Germany and [...]

World Bank Project: Evaluating Crime, Transport Data, and Infrastructure

Global Affairs Ph.D. candidate Alejandro Giménez-Santana has been a team member on a project with the World Bank entitled "Evaluating Crime, Transport Data and Infrastructure in Bogotá". As part of the project he was sent to Bogotá city to present local authorities and other stakeholders the research findings. The project was based on the use of a [...]

Division of Global Affairs Moves to Historic Conklin Hall

In August 2012 the Division of Global Affairs offices were moved to the second floor of the historic Conklin Hall, site of the 1969 protests that forever changed the face of Rutgers-Newark. Prior to 1969, 95% of the Rutgers-Newark student body was comprised of white students, with the city of Newark being primarily an African American community. [...]


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