Invitation to DGA's Inaugural Reich and Ferguson Fellowship Lectures - April 25, 2018

The Division of Global Affairs is pleased to invite you to our first set of fellowship lectures by inaugural Reich fellow Lillian Hussong and Ferguson Fellow Willa-Rae Witherow-Culpepper. 
Lillian will present on  "The Role of Bureaucratic Politics in the US' Arctic and Baltic Strategies."
The United States military is actively involved in both the Arctic and Baltic regions, two geographical theaters where the Russian Federation also operates.  Russian military activity in each of these theaters has escalated in the last fifteen years, presenting security concerns to the United States and its European allies.  Yet despite Russia’s threatening activities in the Arctic and the Baltics, American rhetoric and action has diverged according to the threats presented in each theater.  This presentation therefore analyzes the role of bureaucratic politics theory in setting the US' agenda in the Arctic and Baltic regions.
Lillian Hussong is a third year PhD candidate at the Rutgers Division of Global Affairs where she holds The Simon Reich Fellowship for Research in Global Governance.  She has presented various aspects of her doctoral research at International Studies Association conferences in Baltimore and San Francisco, as  well as at the International Arctic Social Science Association's conference in Umeå, Sweden.
Willa Rae will present on "Exploring nationalism in the context of Serbia’s application of accession to the EU"
Serbia’s process was only allowed to begin after agreeing to arrest and extradite fugitives from the Balkan conflict to the ICTY, individuals considered war criminals internationally remembered as war heroes domestically, mass protests erupting in Serbia and Bosian-Serb territories at their arrest and sentencing. This gap between Serbia’s attempt to shed its wartime reputation of nationalist ethnic violence and its new foreign policy of cooperation, including with Kosovo, to accelerate integration with the EU has seen plenty of contradictions especially with the presence of many of the members of the Milosevic regime still in power, bargaining for EU acceptance today.
Willa Rae Witherow-Culpepper is the 2017-2018 Yale Ferguson Fellow at the Division of Global Affairs. She holds a MA degree from Kingston University, Collegium Civitas and Universita Siena’s joint European program, and a BA from City University London. She is a members of IAGS and a founding member of Rutgers’ Genocide and Atrocity Prevention program.

The lectures will take place on Wednesday, April 25th from 13.00-14.00 in Room 239 Conklin Hall. Lunch refreshments will be served. 

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