Choosing Your Program

Certificate Program
The certificate helps position professionals and students who do not wish to obtain a second degree, yet still desire a broader perspective on the pervasive impact of global affairs. Certificates are often relevant to career professionals who wish to demonstrate to their employers an expertise in a particular area of global affairs. 

Online and In-Residence Masters Programs
The Master’s degree, with a more practical emphasis, prepares students to work in the public and private international sectors, as well as in non-governmental organizations, think-tanks, foundations, and media companies focusing on global issues.

Ph.D. Program
The Ph.D., more academically oriented, is geared towards preparing future scholars eager to adopt and cultivate a planetary perspective on global issues from an interdisciplinary and multicultural standpoint. The Ph.D in Global Affairs can also be an excellent track for policy jobs at the global level requiring advanced expertise.

Main Promos

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